Oakland Raiders Stadium Plan A Field Of Dreams In Oklahoma City 48

The Oakland Raiders Stadium has been a problem for years and team owner Mark Davis is looking to make a deal for a new one.

Meanwhile, the success of the Oklahoma City Thunder has Oklahoma City football fans dreaming of an NFL franchise.

The NFL Super Bowl in Oklahoma City [click here]

According to an interview by Matthew Artz of the Oakland Tribune, the Oakland Raiders stadium plans would include:

~ building a 50,000-seat stadium at an estimated cost of $800 million.
~ putting up $300 million of their own
~ borrowing $200 million from the NFL as part of the league’s stadium loan program
~ taxpayers putting up $300 million

According to Davis, moving back to Los Angeles is a possibility for the Raiders if they can’t strike a deal with the City of Oakland. Currently, there are NO talks involving a stadium in Los Angeles.

Oakland Raiders Stadium Plan Fits Oklahoma City’s MAPS 3

Oakland Raiders Stadium

Proposed Oklahoma City Convention Center should include a hotel to meet future demands…

MAPS (Metropolitan Area Projects) is Oklahoma City’s visionary capital improvement program for new and upgraded sports, recreation, entertainment, cultural and convention facilities. Oklahoma City is the model city in the country to undertake a public facility enhancement project of this size. MAPS is funded by a temporary one-cent sales tax first approved by city voters in December 1993. During the first 66 months it was in effect, over $309 million was collected. In addition, the deposited tax revenue earned about $54 million in interest.

Oakland Raiders Stadium Plans Oklahoma River MAPS 3

Includes a $60 Million dollar rowing and training center.

Currently, Phase 3 of the Oklahoma City MAPS project is underway which began in 2010 and runs through December of 2017. The one-cent sales tax will raise an estimated $777 million to fund the construction. An Oakland Raiders stadium could be the centerpiece the Oklahoma City MAPS project.

Continuing the MAPS 3 tax for another three years would create the necessary revenue for an Oakland Raiders stadium plan. Below is a list of the current projects under the Maps 3 plan:

  • $94.4 Million dollar Streetcar project
  • $130 Million Dollar Downtown Park
  • $280 Million Dollar Convention Center
  • $60 Million Dollar Kayaking Venue
  • $60 Million State Fair Park overhaul
  • $50 Million Dollar Aquatic Center for senior citizens
  • $40 Million Dollar Biking and Walking Trails
  • $10 Million Dollar Sidewalks
  • $17 Million Dollar Fund for cost overruns

Oklahoma City Thunder Success Leaves Room For An Oakland Raiders Stadium

Oakland Raiders Stadium Plans

Phase 3 of the Oklahoma City MAPS project runs through 2017. The one-cent sales tax extension will fund stadium construction. (Photo: Levi’s Stadium San Francisco)

In the Bricktown district, businesses can clearly measure the success of having an NBA franchise. Before the Thunder, January was a slow month for businesses in Bricktown. With the addition of Thunder games, business in Bricktown has never been better, with some businesses reporting 40% increases. The basketball team is just one piece of Oklahoma City’s success. According to the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce, the population has increased 15 percent since 2000, with property values rising 472 percent. “The Thunder have been a complimentary piece of the complete city we’re trying to create,” said third-term Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett (R). “They’re helping to engage people with the arts, parks and character of our city and helping us retain our young people while drawing in other young professionals. We’ve been able to accumulate this human capital, which is great because in generations past Oklahoma City didn’t have as much pull with jobs or attractions. Now we’re really building all that.”


The Solution To Oakland Raiders Stadium Woes

Oakland Raiders stadium - General Manager Reggie McKenzie and Rusty Hilger

Rusty Hilger and Oakland Raiders General Manager Reggie McKenzie were teammates and drafted together in 1985.

Some will disagree, but Oklahoma City is ready… and an NFL Franchise in Oklahoma City would be a field of dreams for the future.

As a former Los Angeles Raider, I’m hoping the Oakland Raiders stadium will stay Oakland. But if team owner Mark Davis and the city of Oakland can’t make the deal, it’s my take that moving the team, to Oklahoma City is a win-win solution.

More on the Oakland Raiders stadium plans…

In 2012, the Oklahoma City Thunder ranked #13 in the NBA for attendance, yet the numbers might be even better if the stadium had more seats. The Chesapeake Arena in Oklahoma City holds 18,203 and the Arena was filled to capacity for the 41 home games with 746,323 tickets sold. An amazing following for a football town. The Thunder has a 96 percent renewal rate for its season ticket holders and has 4,000 people on its waiting list.

As for NFL expansion in Oklahoma City, the Oakland Raiders are proposing a 56,500 seat stadium. If Oklahoma City was to fully support the franchise with weekly sellouts, the 8 game regular season would need only 452,000 ticket sales, nearly 300,000 fewer than the Thunder.

Clearly, a $300 Million Dollar NFL stadium investment could make a positive financial impact — not to mention a football stadium could be the centerpiece of the Oklahoma City MAPS project.

Oakland Raiders Stadium - Oklahoma City Redhawks Stadium

Bricktown predated Oklahoma’s statehood (1907) and was largely dilapidated when the city funded the $34 million ballpark that would spur its rebirth. Completed in 1998, the stadium is the home of the Oklahoma City RedHawks, the Triple-A affiliate of the Texas Rangers.

The National Basketball Association had reservations about whether there would be enough support in Oklahoma City for a franchise… the Thunder has since become a model team for the league. In July, The Oklahoma Venture Forum gave its inaugural Chairman’s Award for Economic Impact to the Oklahoma City Thunder for helping raise the city’s profile and boosting local business. Now, because of the momentum in the city that the Thunder has helped create, companies are finally looking at Oklahoma City as a place for future expansion.

As for the Oakland Raiders stadium plans, Oklahoma City is a field of dreams

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48 thoughts on “Oakland Raiders Stadium Plan A Field Of Dreams In Oklahoma City

  • Hefe-weizen

    Either you lead,follow,or get out of the way .The Raiders will be great for OKC and the state as a whole . Tourism will increase economy growth which will help pay for teacher salaries(long over due) ,police,fireman,road,housing developments etc….In the 80s we lost the bid to Denver to build a centralize airport base mainly because our city didn’t have the place for the employees to go for entertainment . Our city learn from that and ever since then the map projects have made our city what it is today and better things to come .Can you imagine if we didn’t have brick town and the Thunder . Embrace the change , Oklahoma Raiders it is .

  • Dave Brown

    GO RAIDERS!!!!! I have been a raider fan since I was 6 years old. To have my favorite NFL team come to OKC. Where do I sign up for season tickets?!!!

  • Ray

    If Oklahoma can support a NBA Team then we can support a NFL Team. I always wondered why Oklahoma don’t have a NFL Team because Oklahoma is a football State. Look at OU and OSU those stadiums they are full every home game. It would be cool having bowl games in Oklahoma. And if they build the stadium with a dome, Oklahoma could have their first Super bowl. I think it would be great to have a NFL Team in Oklahoma, I would go and support them.

  • Dustin Terry

    The majority of Everyone here supports the chiefs or cowboys … I myself the Falcons . OKLAHOMA CITY RAIDERS ? Everyone would switch to being a Raider ! JUST CHSNGE THE COLORS UP A BIT THO !!!!Goodbye NFC and hello AFC !!! Goodbye Falcons ! Lets do it !!!!!

    • Dano

      No, you can’t change the Silver and Black! Now, as a 40 year Raider fan, if they aren’t in or near Oakland, Oklahoma is a move I could support. Oakland, Oklahoma. Has a nice ring to it. Better than repeating that L.A. mistake.

  • Tace

    Odd to be just looking at a 56,000 seat stadium, that’d be the smallest stadium in the NFL–excepting Oakland (which is the current smallest)–it’d be the smallest by 5000 seats. I bet it’d be a short time till the team starts complaining about lower revenues in OKC and want some additional compensation to make up for it. They’d just need to look a few hours south to see one of the biggest stadiums and compare revenue to start complaining.

  • Steven

    I love football, but I don’t believe OKC is the right place for a football team. Oklahoma loves college football, Sooners, Cowboys. The odds of the whole state is willing to pay for an 300 million dollars for a stadium for a team that we really don’t want. Dallas and Kansas City are too close and way bigger and can support a team. The Raiders need to go back to LA, that’s where they belong!

    • James

      Steven Kansas city is actually nearly 150,000 people less in population and yes they have one of the most dedicated fan bases out there. they sell out nearly every game. Green Bay has a population of just over 104,000. OKC has been growing at a rate of just over 3.3% which is above 20,000 a year.

  • Elgin Thunder

    The odds are slim, but everyone talking about selling season tickets being difficult are a bit off. The Thunder’s season ticket waiting list is ridiculous right now and it’s a whole lot easier to commit to 17 games mostly on weekend days than it is to commit to a 41 game season usually on work days.

  • Scott Swyden

    The NFL would never allow this move (Jerry Jones) because of the proximity to Dallas and that market (and the argument could be made that Oklahoma is too close in between Kansas City and Dallas, and not enough population base in-between), PLUS, Los Angeles is going to be a priority for the NFL for any moves by any team.

    The NFL requires a whole lot more corporate money as well, and that would end up taking away from the Thunder…..Oklahoma City doesn’t have the population/industry economic base to support those two major leagues.

  • Joey Bean

    I live in oklahoma and i think it would be a great idea. Id go watch them and the same thing would happpen how it did for the thunder. people have favorite teams already and would love to see them play here along with supporting them when they are playing week to week this is a family state in anything we do. I support the idea of it. and to whoever said that nfl players are always in trouble well so are players from every sport the raiders arent thugs just because they play in oakland they used to play in LA and people loved them where ever they have moved to. Plus thnk about all the jobs it will make for building and running the team. No one thought we would ever have a pro team basketball worked out great football will work also and its a cop out to say since we have great NCAA teams so does Florida and people love the teams from the state. As well as USC is a better program and thr chargers still have sell out. learn a little people before you open your mouth or move to kansas they wont take them.



    • okieraider

      Raiders are criminals who was just accused of tampering with a piss test Bronco’s Von Miller. Believe it or not there are a lot of Raider fans in Oklahoma…i’m for all for it

    • Duke

      Just because you’re a Broncos fan, doesn’t mean the rest of us are! I have been a Raiders fan for over 30 years, and would love to have them. And they’re not criminals! You are just STUPID!!!!! And your QB Sucks!

  • KayTee

    Let’s see how well Oklahoma City fans support the Thunder when they’re battling for the 8th seed… the current level of enthusiasm is unsustainable.

    You got a preview of this when Westbrook was injured and Thunder were no longer elite. Plenty of tickets were available for the series against Memphis. It won’t last…. 2016-17 will get here a lot quicker than you think!!

    Filling a 18,000 seat arena is a walk in the park compared to a filling a 60,000-70,000 seat NFL stadium.

  • Steve

    College football teams do well because they are winning, The Thunder is winning…..Oakland is NOT a winner, they will probably get (in attendance) around 5000 people (unless they are playing someone interesting)…..all who are supporting this move, just remember my words……..

    • Blake

      Settle wasn’t winning when we took them on either…. Who says the raiders can’t turn it around… And let’s be honest they aren’t that bad…

  • Jody

    This is the dumbest idea ever. OKC does well with the Thunder. Adding another pro team along with two of the top 25 college football programs in the country will kill the Raiders. There isn’t enough support.

  • Zach

    Oh what a dream this would be as long as they don’t change the name or the uniforms! Oklahoma Raiders would be awesome. Since i live in OKC, season tickets for life!!!!
    -Raider fan of 25 years!

  • M&M

    This is an outrage!

    Damn state can’t spend the millions needed to save children’s lives from destructive tornadoes but it sure as hell as all this money to bring and NFL team!
    College football is a big thing here I don’t think the NFL has any room here because of how OSU and OU football is treated here.
    Instead of spending all this money on a new center and stadium spend it where it is needed most…the safety of our children from tornadoes!

    • Phillip

      I live here and one you have it wrong. Not the states responsibilities on how cities construct their school. Two it’s Moore where where most of the devestating tornados have struck and the schools that were destroyed were some of the oldest in the city. Three it is very rare for a tornado to strike when that one did, usually later in the day when people are at home. Four newer schools have become storm shelters for people that don’t have one

      • Jordan

        If the money should go anywhere productive it should go to the education system. Since we are 48th in the country for education….pay the teachers more, get more resources for the kids, update the schools, use them for grants. Anything.

        • John Campbell

          Paying teachers more won’t help education one whit. Getting parents to care, and for kids to know that they are there to LEARN, not screw around and be punks, and disrespectful to their elders and teachers. Fix the kids.

      • J

        I can think of a thousand different ways we can better spend $300M in Oklahoma. And that’s just the initial $300M. It doesn’t even discuss how much this will cost in infrastructure (police, probably more highways/bridges, maintenance…).

        And it is the responsibility of the State to determine the success of the schools. They fund the schools. Considering our lack of education here, it would be much, much wiser spent on education.

        And no one is thinking of the long term effects, when the owner of the Raiders (with the Raiders having such a great track-history with winning football teams, fans, and hospitable players over the past 2 decades) decides to hold the city hostage in 10 years for another billion dollar stadium. And lets do it for a team that is followed by a fanbase that is the most violent and despised in the NFL.

        Putting $300M into this is moronic. If Oklahoma taxpayers are actually willing to do it, then they are completely justifying that near-the-bottom ranking in education.

        • Me

          this dude makes no sense at ALL. I quote you – “And it is the responsibility of the State to determine the success of the schools” …and how is that working out if we are “ALREADY” at the “near-the-bottom ranking in education” So without doing a thing we already terrible. So lets just hand over more money to the STATE to do even more of nothing. Some of you people have NOOOO vision and are negative. I’m a Sooner fan but bring on the NFL. All you people who think we can’t support the NFL are the ones who watch the Thunder on TV and never go to any games anyway.

    • tyson

      you realize more sales tax would be generated to help those little kidies. not to mention more doations and charity with the help of “football” stars

    • Duke

      Hey! Are you that stupid? Really! Have a pro team would pump millions into this State! It would bring in more dollars to do everything you are saying…and then some. The jobs it would bring! Some people just don’t get it!

  • kathy

    Yes why not bring them as stated before look at what the Thunder has done for basketball here !!! Raiders could do well for oklahoma I mean come on look at the hype for ou and osu football could only imagine what a nfl team could do !!!!

    • El

      Basketball team didn’t work? We’ve had more NBA success in 7 years bthan Oakland has had in forever. When was the last time GOLDEN STATE went to the NBA Finals?

  • Chris Parrish

    Yeah this is such a “bad idea”. Remember the last “terrible idea” to bring an NBA team to okc? I wonder if that worked out…….

    • DJ

      I’m riding the fence on this one. Oklahoma was huge support for the Thunder when they got here and was behind them through the first couple tough years. But how will we act when the Thunder have a couple rebuilding years again? Also we are a HUGE football state but don’t think anyone going to leave there tickets for OU or OSU to spend them on an NFL team. I feel it could help us and hurt us at the same time. Thunder is perfect for us because we have the right kind of players who are mature and respectful and down to earth people. Not all but lots of NFL players get in too much trouble and think they are untouchable and that’s just too many players on a roster to have to deal with in a small state like this. I love my state and would love to have a team here but feel it could ruin this state and take away what this state represents. We have the people we have for a reason and I love the people here. We try to keep bringing in bigger high life things then its like we trying to turn us into an LA/Miami type of state. I love those type of cities too but its always nice to come home to my state and how its represented.

      • Ken Allen

        I agree. The NFL culture is not the OKC culture. But I do think Oakland should move here…the Oakland A’s that is. Build a 35,000 seat intimate baseball only park with good plumbing. Bricktown restaurants will have sports patrons 12 months a year. With OKC’s population and another city of 700,000 only 100 miles to the north east it can’t miss.

    • Naaman

      it did work out they are one of the most sucessfull teams since moving to OKC. They have the 2nd best player in the world and every game is a sellout. So it worked out GREAT.

    • Cole Gilbert

      O you mean how the Sonics went from one of the worst teams in the nation to winning the western conference in only a few years??? Yeah bud I think it worked out just fine