FORE the House Celebrity Golf 2015

x Fore the House Celebrity Golf Classic reunites May 18, 2015 at Cedar Ridge Country Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Join Tulsa Sports Charities and Ronald McDonald House of Tulsa for this star-studded annual fundraiser. Golf with the largest group of Heisman Trophy winners, NFL legends, college all-stars, and Coaching Legends in […]

Fore the House Celebrity Golf Classic Tulsa Sports Charities

Brian Bosworth The Boz

Brian Bosworth Relives ‘The Boz’ For ESPN Documentary

Brian Bosworth Relives ‘The Boz’ For ESPN Documentary Brian Bosworth, the former Oklahoma Sooners linebacker and two-time All-American (a.k.a. “The Boz”) is back in the gridiron spotlight thanks to award-winning filmmakers and an ESPN documentary. It’s been 30 years since Brian Bosworth unleashed his flamboyant personality which created “The Boz” and […]

Rickie Fowler

Rickie Fowler News & Noise News and Updates from Oklahoma State’s most colorful Cowboy — Rickie Fowler. Rickie Fowler has made his 2014 season one of the best years ever. Fowler finished fifth at Augusta, second at the U.S. Open, second at the British Open and third at the PGA […]

Rickie Fowler The Brightest Orange on Tour

Manziel Mania The Party Begins in Cleveland

Manziel Mania Begins In Cleveland

Manziel Mania Begins In Cleveland It’s official, Manziel Mania has Cleveland Browns fans in a frenzy. According to AP Sports Writer Tom Withers, Browns fans came out by the thousands for the first day of training camp and waited for hours in lines for a chance to get a prime spot […]

Weeden Focused On Getting Better

Weeden Focused on Getting Better With Kyle Orton gone, former Oklahoma State Cowboy and current Dallas Cowboy quarterback Brandon Weeden enters training camp focused on getting better. “I have been saying all along and I truly mean it that my focus is just learning this offense and whenever my number […]

Brandon Weeden focused on getting better

2014 Kickoff Classic Header I

2014 Kickoff Classic Hard Rock Casino Tulsa

Support Tulsa and Oklahoma City high school athletics and be a part of the 2014 Kickoff Classic. With high school athletic budgets near depletion, former players and coaches from OU, OSU, or TU, are donating their time and money to support the kids. Former NFL Players NFL Players give some […]

NFL Concussion Settlement Spells Victory For Players

NFL Concussion Settlement Spells Victory For Players; Families In an open letter to retired NFL players, former players Kevin Turner and Shawn Wooden explain why they believe the NFL concussion settlement is a victory for retired players and their families. “As the two class representatives for the NFL concussion settlement, we […]

NFL Concussion Settlement

NFL Players Lawsuit Turns Drug Cartel Probe Featured Image

NFL Players Lawsuit Turns Drug Cartel Probe

NFL Players Lawsuit Turns Drug Cartel Probe More than 1600 players have joined the NFL players lawsuit alleging “drug abuse’ as team healthcare providers illegally supplied them with painkillers, narcotics, opiates and injections to conceal injuries and mask pain. According to an article by the New York Daily News, the Drug Enforcement […]

Legends of the Gridiron Reunite Oklahoma State Football Past, Future 1

Legends of the Gridiron past memories, future hopes As the Legends of the Gridiron annual reunion marks the end of spring football for Oklahoma State, I can’t help but feel nostalgic. However, before I conjure up past memories, there are bigger fish to fry. First, the 2014 Cowboys are only […]

Legends of the Gridiron 2014

thursday night tailgate

Thursday Night Tailgate

Thursday Night Tailgate turns trash talk into treasure Thursday Night Tailgate has become an internet broadcasting treasure as the biggest names in football share their insider secrets and stories you won’t hear anywhere else. Each week Chris Mascaro and Angelo Cane host the two-hour live broadcast of Thursday Night Tailgate with […]

Brandon Weeden Once A Cowboy Always A Cowboy

Brandon Weeden Once A Cowboy Always A Cowboy Brandon Weeden didn’t take long to decide on his new home. In fact, it’s as close to home as he could get. Weeden started his new home-search just one week ago after the former Oklahoma State Cowboys quarterback and 2012 first-round draft […]

Brandon Weeden Dallas Cowboy

Oakland Raiders new stadium No Progress Report

Oakland Raiders New Stadium No Progress Report

The Oakland Raiders new stadium clock is ticking and team owner Mark Davis is looking at every possibility – with any city – to build a new stadium. “We will play in the Coliseum next year,” Davis said. “But there’s been NO PROGRESS”. With the Raiders lease at Coliseum […]

Dale Earnhardt Jr Tweets, 560,000 Fans Follow

Dale Earnhardt Jr made his Twitter debut after earning his second Daytona 500 victory. Tonight seemed like as good a night as any to join Twitter. How is everyone doin? #2XDaytona500Champ — Dale Earnhardt Jr. (@DaleJr) February 24, 2014 Now that Dale Earnhardt Jr is even more ‘fan-friendly’ on […]

Dale Earnhardt Jr Tweets

Pepsi test drive Jeff Gordon

Pepsi Test Drive Prank Jeff Gordon Punks Travis Okulski

Pepsi test drive launched its second Pepsi MAX commercial starring NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon punking one of his leading critics — Travis Okulski. Travis Okulski had been a Pepsi test drive critic for over a year. He wrote articles exposing Jeff Gordon as a ‘fake’ in his first Pepsi test drive […]

NFL Combine Facts, Prospects, Tests, Records

The NFL Combine marks the dawn of a new season as 335 NFL prospects make the annual pilgrimage to Lucas Oil Stadium… While the Super Bowl marks the end of the NFL season, the NFL Combine marks the dawn of a brand new season. The NFL Scouting Combine, simply called […]

NFL Combine

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models Rouse Air New Zealand Passengers

Sports Illustrated swimsuit models and Air New Zealand unveil “the world’s most beautiful safety video” marking the 50th anniversary of vaunted magazine. On Tuesday, Air New Zealand created a viral marketing buzz by releasing “Safety in Paradise”, the latest version of it’s popular in-flight safety movie complete with sexy bikini models. […]